Jab Comix – Dreaming of that ass

Another fresh week and time to see some more amazing and hot scenes for you to enjoy. For today’s update you get to see some more of Alex and his sexy girlfriend as they get to enjoy some more action together for this nice and hot evening. This guy as you know, is madly in love with this babe and he just adores her sweet and sexy round ass as well. Today the babe decided to give the guy a little treat and enjoy herself some anal pleasures as well at his expense as she was going to have him use his hard and big cock to fuck her hard in the ass. And to make this special she was wearing her very sexy and small green bikini outfit that just mad her look even more sexier and hornier too. So let’s get started.

The guy was getting busy by himself in the room jerking off, and at about that time the babe came in too. She told him that he wouldn’t need to please himself for this night as she is going to help him out on the condition that she gets to have some pleasure too. Take your time to see the babe letting the guy eat out her wet and sweet pussy and prep her cute ass for a nice anal fuck too. After that, the guy shoves his hard cock in her ass and starts to fuck her. You just need to see this amazingly sexy and slutty cartoon babe as she gets to moan in pleasure while the cock thoroughly stretches out her sexy round butt as well. Enjoy it and do check out the past scenes for some more amazing and hot galleries! And we will see you once more next week with new scenes as well everyone!





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Jab Comix – Luke gets lucky

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to all new update as always. In this one we continue the adventures of the scrawny looking guy Luke along with his big cock as he gets to have some more action this afternoon. He was just done with this babe that he met earlier and he ended up shoving his cock in her tight ass. Well he made sure to give her a thorough dicking and she just adored it too. Well he was still looking for some more fun and sure enough, the fun found him, sort of speak. It was in the form of this sexy and hot mature babe with a amazing body that wanted to take Luke’s cock in her sweet ass as well. And there was no way that Luke was going to pass up the occasion to get to pound that round ass too.


When the babe tells him what she wants, the guy wasted no time, and lifts up her dress. Then he pulls her cute panties down and starts to rub her pussy and tease her butt with his fingers. Well the babe was getting more and more turned on and in the mood to fuck as well. Sure enough, she soon undresses and shows off her amazing naked body to him completely too. So take your time to see her then sliding that mighty meat pole in her ass. And then watch her begging Luke to fuck her ass faster and harder too. Of course that’s something that he does without delay enjoying that sweet tight ass hole around his cock today. We hope that you enjoyed it too and like always you can drop by next week for some more amazing and fresh scenes!


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JabComix – Farm lessons scene

Jab comix has a new and fresh scene for you to see today as well. And you will know this little hottie from past scenes too. She’s the cute and sexy country gal that likes to solve her dilemmas with sex and it seems that that was just the case for today as well. It seems that this cute and sexy little miss ended up stranded at a truck stop after her car broke down. So needing a ride, she decided to try her luck with a dude and his truck to be able to get back home. The trick is that the babe had no money, but as you know, she’s quite…resourceful. So let’s not waste time today and see her in action as she puts her charm to work in order to get this guy to give her a ride back to her house and how she paid for it too for today!

The guy tells her that it won’t be for free, and this babe already knows that. She was intending to get something on the side too as she can see that he’s a strapping stud and she was betting that his cock was quite nice and big too. And yes she was right about that as well. Well after the guy sais that it won’t be free, the babe just goes for his pants and unzips them, whipping out his monster tool. Liking what she sees, you can watch her starting to suck and slurp on it with a passion and lubing it as she wants that rod inside her cunt too. Watch her taking a balls deep pussy pounding in the back of his truck this afternoon and enjoy. See you soon with more amazing and hot scenes with cartoon babes fucking hard!




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Mistress and the naughty Fox

Well here are are again with a new and hot jab comix gallery for you to see. It’s another superb BDSM sex scene and you get to have fun with it too. Last week you got to see a scene just like this one and we know that you adore them too. So let’s get straight to business and see what we are dealing with this week shall we? As you can see the main stars of this one are a short haired Asian babe that plays the role of the mistress and her naughty little sex slave named Fox as she is about to get some punishment for being naughty today. Well as you can see, the babes were in the mood for more than just the ass spanking and stuff and you are going to see just how far they went with their man as well for this nice and fresh scene today.


As the show starts, you get to see that the slutty ebony babe named Fox is already tied up and the sexy Asian lady is doing quite a number on her cute round ass with that whip of hers. The guy was taking his time to enjoy the view with them, but soon the babes decided to get him in on the fun as well. So take your time to see the babes taking off his pants and watch them sucking on his big black cock with a passion to get him rock hard and ready for the next part. Then you can see them taking turns to have the mighty cock pound their eager wet pussies all afternoon long as the guy makes sure to please them both today. We hope that you enjoyed your stay like always and rest assured that we will have more for you next time!


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Babe gets gagged and stuffed

For this new week we bring you some more amazing and hot jab comix porn scenes as always and they are simply amazing too. In this new update you get to watch a couple that love to engage in some nice and kinky BDSM sessions every time they get it on. Well like you can see this right here is such an occasion and the two of them sure plan to take their time to enjoy it too. And this guy sure is lucky to have a babe of a wife like this this that’s into such things as well. Let’s get to see them enjoying their nice evening fuck session this afternoon and let’s see them having lots of sexual fun for your enjoyment today shall we guys. There’s no way you can miss this one for today if you want to see this beauty having some hard style sex with her man for the afternoon today.

They sure got a bit busy in the beginning, until the guy decided that it was time to do what the babe wants too. so first off, you get to see her naughty little mouth gagged by him. Then he whips out a nice and big purple dildo that he was going to use on her ass, as it requires some attention as well. Watch her take the sex toy as deep as it can go in her sweet cunt and then see the guy sliding his cock in her wet pussy once more. You can enjoy watching the babe double fucked by the toy and the guy this afternoon and it sure is a treat to see her in action for this afternoon. So have fun and enjoy the nice and hot scene without delay. We will be seeing you as usual next week with another amazing scene!




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The horny neighbor scene

Another fresh week and time for one more amazing and fresh jabcomix gallery to be showed off to you. In a past scene we had another neighbor fuck scene to show off to you and you guys just adored it. Well today we come back with another one and it’s just as amazing. This brown haired babe ended up having car trouble in the driveway and her neighbor came to check it out. Well since she’s no mechanic she decided to let him help out with the whole thing. Well sure enough the guy got done with it quite quick and he was very happy with his job well done. The thing is that the babe wanted to reward him for his hard work too. Incidentally she wanted to use her car to go out clubbing and maybe get some hard cock for herself. Let’s get the show going and see the action!


Well, with all this going down it seems that she didn’t need to do that anymore as she could just get it on with the guy. And it was also a good chance to make up to the guy today. they get started in the driveway and the babe takes him inside eventually as she didn’t want to have prying eyes scrutinizing them. Sit back and watch the guy sucking and licking her tits and then lifting her up and taking her to her bedroom. Once there, the babe gets undressed completely and as she lies of her bed, she spreads her legs for the guy. See her moan in pleasure as he licks her pussy all afternoon long and enjoy this superb and hot show today. And do make sure to check back soon for more new episodes from these weekly comics everyone. We know you love them!



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JabComix – The Omega girl

This new week brings you a fresh jab comix comic to follow and we think that you will just adore this one too. As the title suggests, it’s named Omega and it follows the sexual little adventures of a kinky and horny little super heroine in her day to day activities. Well after she is done with the crime fighting that is. And you will soon learn that this babe just adores sex any time she can get some too. Let’s get this thing going and see her in action in her first scene as she gets to have some fun with her boyfriend for the evening. She called on him to help her unwind after a long day and she could use a nice dicking anyway. So let the cameras roll and let’s get to see this amazing cutie in action without any more delays today shall we?

As soon as this babe hears the knock on the door she rushes to it and answers. She doesn’t even let the guy come in properly as she just wraps her hands around him all eager to have some fun. Well as she was in his arms already and kissing him with a passion, the guy takes it slowly back up to her bedroom. He knows that she needs her cock and she needs it now and he was more than happy to help her out. Take the time to see the babe whipping out that nice and big cock and see her riding it nice and hard with her pussy. And she also lets the guy blow his load in her pussy as well. Of course after that nice and long fuck the two of them take the time to hold each other in their arms in bed for the rest of the long night. Enjoy!




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House party gone wild

This new day brings you some more new and hot jabcomix scenes to see and you can bet that they are just amazing as well. In this one you get to see a juicy party go down with two guys and two very sexy and beautiful babes too. All four of them decided to take some time to enjoy the Jacuzzi and as you can see it went swimmingly for everyone. The two babes are a lusty blonde that can never have enough sex and her expert brunette buddy that loves to get it on with both guys and ladies as long as she gets to get some pleasure out of it too. You can also check out another scene with some hot babes fucking hard style in the past scenes as well. Anyway, let’s get this one started and see the action go down with our two pairs of guys and ladies.


Well as this new scene begins, you get to see the babes starting to go at it with one another as the guys sit back and watch the amazing action. Take the time to see the blonde and the brunette starting with a nice and sexy lesbian sex session as they start to kiss and caress one another amazingly hot and sexy bodies too. Then the blonde spreads her sexy long legs on the side of the tub and lets her buddy work her pussy with that expert tongue of hers as well. And after all that teasing, the guys were ready to play too. Watch the babes fucking the lucky studs in turns and enjoy this simply amazing and hot scene with them today. We will bring you more next week so make sure to be around to see them all once more okay?


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Dirty old man Jefferson

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to a new and hot jab comix update today. For this new scene we bring back a character that you got to see in the past. Namely old mr. Jefferson. This guy is never one to turn down some nice ass and pussy and he always manages to get it on with some sexy and lovely babes. Today you get to see more of his sexual adventures as he gets to hit on a neighbor that decided to drop by and check on him to see how he’s doing. And as you can see, he surprises her as she grabs her perky tits as he comes from behind and surprises her too. Suffice to say that she was shocked at it, but she was quite intrigued about his intentions too. So let’s sit back and watch this babe and the old guy getting some sexual action done today!

Well the babe seems to be really eager to see what he’s got as we said, and so they decided to go for it right then and there without delay. Sit back and watch the babe letting the guy take off her top and see her enjoying her tits getting taken care of as mr Jefferson sucks and licks them nicely all afternoon long today. As he does that, he also slides one hands down in her pants and starts to rub her sweet and now all wet pussy as well. He knew that this cutie was going to want a nice dicking too so he whips out his cock as well. And after a nice and long cock sucking session, you get to see the babe letting him lick her pussy too as she plays with and massages her all natural big tits too. Have fun and see you next week with more scenes!

horny-jefferson-plays-with-boobsold-man-jeffersonsucking-boobs jefferson-licking-pussy

Watch old Jefferson licking boobs and juicy pussy!

JabComix – Wrong house scene

Hey there guys, jab comix is back once more with all new and hot scenes for you to see. For this new one you get to see a babe that wanted to get to a party but ended up at the wrong place. Well after having a talk with the guy that lived there, she wanted to get a ride home, which the guy was kind enough to offer. Seeing as she was actually going to the party in hopes of getting some jab comic action, she decided that she still wanted some cock. And with that you can already guess how this babe was going to reward the guy for the ride back to her place today. Let’s get to see the action as this is one scene that you simply must see if you want to watch this cutie getting that sweet wet pussy worked hard style for the evening.


When the car stops, the cutie puts her plan and charm into action and seduces the guy. She takes his hand and slips it under her shirt and enjoys having his hands play with her lovely and perky round tits too. With that, the babe starts to undress and show off all of her goods for the guy which gets him hard as a rock in an instant. And as you can tell, that was just perfect for this babe as she was going to make sure to give that cock a nice and hard ride with her pussy today too. Sit back and watch this babe in action as she ends up fucking this guy nice and hard in the back of his car and she has lots of fun with it too. Have fun with it and do check out the past scenes as well for some more action everyone!


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