Jab Free Comix The Omega Girl

This new week brings you a fresh jab free comix to follow and we think that you will just adore this one too. As the title suggests, it’s named Omega and it follows the sexual little adventures of a kinky and horny little super heroine in her day to day activities. Well after she is done with the crime fighting that is. And you will soon learn that this babe just adores sex any time she can get some too. Let’s get this thing going and see her in action in her first scene as she gets to have some fun with her boyfriend for the evening. She called on him to help her unwind after a long day and she could use a nice dicking anyway. So let the cameras roll and let’s get to see this amazing cutie in action without any more delays today shall we?

As soon as this babe hears the knock on the door she rushes to it and answers. She doesn’t even let the guy come in properly as she just wraps her hands around him all eager to have some fun. Well as she was in his arms already and kissing him with a passion, the guy takes it slowly back up to her bedroom. He knows that she needs her cock and she needs it now and he was more than happy to help her out. Take the time to see the babe whipping out that nice and big cock and see her riding it nice and hard with her pussy. And she also lets the guy blow his load in her pussy as well. Of course after that nice and long fuck the two of them take the time to hold each other in their arms in bed for the rest of the long night. Enjoy!




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