Dirty Old Man Jefferson

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to a new and hot jab comix update today. For this new scene we bring back a character that you got to see in the past. Namely old mr. Jefferson. This guy is never one to turn down some nice ass and pussy and he always manages to get it on with some sexy and lovely babes. Today you get to see more of his sexual adventures as he gets to hit on a neighbor that decided to drop by and check on him to see how he’s doing. And as you can see, he surprises her as she grabs her perky tits as he comes from behind and surprises her too. Suffice to say that she was shocked at it, but she was quite intrigued about his intentions too. So let’s sit back and watch this babe and the old guy getting some sexual action done today!

Well the babe seems to be really eager to see what he’s got as we said, and so they decided to go for it right then and there without delay. Sit back and watch the babe letting the guy take off her top and see her enjoying her tits getting taken care of as mr Jefferson sucks and licks them nicely all afternoon long today. As he does that, he also slides one hands down in her pants and starts to rub her sweet and now all wet pussy as well. He knew that this cutie was going to want a nice dicking too so he whips out his cock as well. And after a nice and long cock sucking session, you get to see the babe letting him lick her pussy too as she plays with and massages her all natural big tits too. Have fun and see you next week with more scenes!


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